My ancestors. Mis antepasados.

I love the Spanish word antepasados. It’s one of those Spanish words that rolls off the tongue. It means ancestors.

These days, as I spend a lot of time researching my family, my dreams have been filled with mis antepasados. It’s been sort of strange, troubling, and inspiring all at the same time.

I’m finding that genealogy is a bit of an addicting pastime. There are so many little rabbit trails to go down, that for someone like myself who organization does not come naturally to, it’s easy to get sidetracked and forget what it was I started looking for in the first place. While I intend to do all the boring but necessary things like create lists and research plans, organize files, and create templates, I’m thinking a blog is much more my style in terms of organizing my thoughts and documenting what I’m working on. This will be where I brainstorm, post progress, and record my findings. I think it will be a good way to share with family and whoever else may be interested what I’m working  on. I’m looking forward to it. Should be fun.

For now I’ve chosen to focus on the Fernandez side of my mother’s family. This is a portrait of my great grandmother, Hermila Fernandez Estevane.

Hermila Fernandez original portrait in frame


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