Placido & Maria Chaves and their children

Placido and Maria Chaves my great great grandparents were from Cubero, New Mexico. They had at least 8 children, possibly 9. Their names were Maria Esfrada, Tomas, Toribio, Pedro, Paul, Pilar, Maria, and Justiano. There is also a Polo listed on a census, but it is likely the same person as Paul. These were my grandma’s aunts and uncles, so she knew them as a child. When I asked her about their names she thought there was both a Polo or Paolo and a Paul. I have not done further investigation about whether they were one in the same. Justiano, my great grandfather, also known as Justo, Justin, and to his grandchildren Joe, was the youngest of the children. Toribio and Esfrada were baptized in Cubero. I suspect Tomas was as well, but need to find his baptism record. The other children were most likely baptized at San Juan in Arizona, as was Justiano.

Maria Esfrada Chaves 1887-1925

Tomas 1887- ?

Toribio Chaves 1890- ?

Pedro Chaves 1893- 1981

Paul Chaves 1896- ?

Pilar Chaves 1898- 1979

Maria Chaves 1902- ?

Justiano Chaves 1907-1996


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