Placido Chaves’ baptism and the Mexicano alias

My great great grandfather Placido Chaves’ baptism is as follows:

Cebolleta Baptisms*

Feb 11, 1857 – Jose Placido Mexicano the son of Antonio Jose Mexicano y Maria Jaramillo. A.P. Jose Antonio Mexicano y Maria de la Luz Salas. A.M. Marcos Jaramillo y Maria Teresa Jaramillo.

(A.P. is an abbreviation for abuelos paternos which means paternal grandparents. A.M. is abuelos maternos which means maternal grandparents).

Where did the “Mexicano” come from? Well, a genealogist who has been helping me knew Pauline Chavez Bent who was a granddaughter of Nicolas Chaves who was related to Placido. She knew about the Mexicano alias.

According to Fray Angelico Chavez, there was a branch of the Chaves family that began using the alias of Mexicano to differentiate themselves from the many Chaves’ in New Mexico. Below is an excerpt from his book Chavez: A Distinctive American Clan of New Mexico. 



*Cubero and Cebolleta were part of the Gallup diocese and the records are only available on microfilm in New Mexico. I am unable to order film to view at a local Family History Library. So for now I am relying on record transcriptions from publications from HGRC (Hispanic Genealogical Research Center) and NMGS (New Mexico Genealogical Society) that other genealogists have generously offered to look up for me.


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