Placido Chaves & Nicolas Chaves election officers for El Tule

By using the newspaper search site, I came across a newspaper mention I hadn’t previously seen for Placido Chaves and his brother, Nicolas. The paper is St. John’s Herald dated August 25, 1910. The board of supervisors chooses election officers. It’s a bit confusing the way it reads, but it looks like one person is appointed to oversee the election of each office. At first I thought it was a list of the actual officers. Placido is the election officer for Marshal and Nicolas for Inspector for El Tule, Arizona. El Tule is a small community very close to St. Johns, Arizona. This is a link to the original article.




Antonio Chaves nightmare

So there appears to be more than one Antonio Chaves & Trinidad couple living in Valencia during the same time period. In reviewing baptism and census docs, I think I’ve figured out that I am mixing couples.

However the couple that has a daughter named Serafin I believe is the one with the mexicano alias, and thus possibly my placido’s father.

I need to organize and separate out all the potential Antonio’s.