Adelina Ortega & Federico Rael with children in 1920 US Census

In 1920, my great grandmother Adelina Ortega and her husband Federico Rael and children are found living in Mangas, Socorro County, New Mexico.

Adelina Ortega & Federico Rael family 1920 US Census Mangas Socorro.jpg

They own their home. Emilia is 18, so clearly, cannot be Adelina’s child who is 21 here. I believe “Selia”, 4,  is the same child as Cecilia seen in the 1930 census. Jesus Maria is 3. Sebero is Federico’s father who is 56, and widowed.

On this census, we also learn that Federico & Adelina do not speak English. The “yes” written next to each person above is stating that they can both read and write. On every household on this census page, the enumerator had written Spanish as mother tongue, and then lined it out. This is interesting to me, considering that New Mexico had been part of the US since 1850. Emilia, however, does speak English. I learned through a descendant of hers, that she later became a teacher.

Adelina Ortega & Federico Rael family occupation details 1920Federico is listed as a stock man with a ranch, working on his own account, meaning he is not an employer, or a wage earner. Adelina is listed as having no occupation.  Her father in law, Sebero, is listed as doing labor on a farm as a wage earner. Number of farm schedule is 13– I just noticed this detail. I wonder if there are more details on this other schedule.


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