Adelina Ortega & Federico Rael with children in 1930 US Census

In 1930 my great grandmother Adelina Ortega is living with her husband Federico Rael and six children Cecilia, Jesus, Liberato, Pedro, Isabel, and “Angelina” who’s name was actually Evangelina. Federico is listed as Fred G. The G was for Garcia which was his mother’s maiden name. He is 52 years old, and Adelina is 30.

They are living one house down from her parents, Jose B Ortega and Julianita M, and her brother Fred. Jose’s mother’s surname was Velasquez, but V and B are often used interchangeably. I would be interested to know what happened to Adelina’s brother, Fred. I wonder if there are any pictures out there of him. He’s 15 years younger than Adelina, so was likely born around the time Adelina got married.

A hint here that I hadn’t paid much attention to before is that it provides the age at first marriage. For Federico “Fred” Rael, he was 19 when he first married. This could possibly help me find his first marriage record, and subsequently find out not only who his first wife was, but also what happened to her. It is also of note that Emilia Rael, Federico’s daughter from his first marriage, is not here in the Rael household, so she most likely has married at this point.

Adelina Ortega & Federico Rael 1930 census


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