Adelina Ortega with parents Jose V Ortega & Julianita in 1910 US Census

Jose V Ortega & Julianita with daughter Adelina 1910

In 1910, Adelina is 12 years old, living with her parents Jose V Ortega & Julianita in Mangas, Socorro, New Mexico. Jose is 39 years old and Julianita is 36 years old. The M1 shown means it was their first marriage, and the 20 shows they have been married 20 years. Julianita is the mother of 3 children, with only 1 living. Jose and Julianita were both born in New Mexico, as were both of their parents.

Jose V Ortega & Julianita & Adelina 1910 occupation info

To the question if they speak English, or if not list language spoken, the answer Spanish is written by the enumerator. Jose is a laborer doing sheep herding. The no is answering whether he was out of work. The 12 means he was out of work 12 days in the year 1909. Under education, Jose is listed as not being able to read or write. His wife Julianita, however, can read and write. Adelina is listed as not being able to write, and has not attended school anytime since September 1, 1909. This seems curious to me if her mother can read and write, and Adelina is listed in the 1920 census as being able to read and write. Were both censuses accurate regarding Adelina’s education? Did she learn how to read and write after 12 years old? She was married at 15. Who would have educated her? Her mother? Her husband Federico??? Or perhaps this 1910 census was inaccurate. Who knows.

The Ortegas own their property free and outright (not mortgaged), and they live in a house.

Interestingly, on the same page, they live 6 households down from Adelina’s future in-laws, Severo & Isabel G Rael along with her future stepdaughter Emilia. Having already seen earlier census records in which Federico appears with his parents, I knew this was them.

Severo Rael & Isabel G 1910 census

This tells us that Adelina most likely grew up knowing the Rael’s. Federico and his first wife do not appear in Mangas in 1910. The fact that his daughter Emilia is staying with her grandparents makes me wonder if Federico’s wife was already deceased.


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