Antonio Chaves nightmare

So there appears to be more than one Antonio Chaves & Trinidad couple living in Valencia during the same time period. In reviewing baptism and census docs, I think I’ve figured out that I am mixing couples.

However the couple that has a daughter named Serafin I believe is the one with the mexicano alias, and thus possibly my placido’s father.

I need to organize and separate out all the potential Antonio’s.


You gotta start somewhere…


I started this blog with good intentions of regularly blogging my genealogical findings but alas, I was more interested in the chase itself than the documentation of it. I have become a full blown family history nut. Haha.

I’ve struggled with how to present my findings, and wanting it to be logical and easy to follow for anyone who stumbles upon this page. And now here I am many months later with a blog devoid of posts. The desire for perfection has long been an enemy of mine, and so now I say to heck with it!

I will never get this thing going if I don’t just start somewhere.

So when I first started I was going to blog about my mother’s Fernandez family. I was so enthralled with the research and then finally hit a brick wall. We’re talking a records burned by revolutionaries brick wall.

I then switched over to researching my dad’s Lucero family via his mother’s maternal line. And boy did I hit the jackpot with that line. The Lucero family had migrated to Arizona from New Mexico. I had been following the facebook page for the New Mexico Genealogical Society for at least a year but I had not been actively researching my New Mexico family until I got burnt out with slogging through random parish records for the regions surrounding where my mother’s family was from. I began posting questions on the NMGS fb page and engaging with the posts, and with the help of several experienced and very knowledgeable genealogists, I was able to gain new info that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.┬áSo now I’m pretty involved in researching my New Mexico roots.

I want to document as I go along for my New Mexico family. I will also try to post info about the Fernandez family from Mexico. I’m going to start by separating these lines into separate tabs so my various family members can easily find info pertinent to them. I may change the format if I find it doesn’t work. I am open to suggestions as well, so please if you have any ideas on how to present this work, feel free to comment, or email me.