Fernandez Ancestor Chart

My great grandfather was Luis Fernandez Ibañez, born 13 November 1899 in San Miguel del Mezquital in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. San Miguel del Mezquital is now known as Miguel Auza. He was baptized Jose Luis. This chart shows his lineage that I have traced so far. The spelling of his mother’s surname varies from record to record over time and this chart reflects that. In the boxes, lowercase b indicates birth date. Where there is an exact date it indicates I have a baptism record for that individual. Where there is only a year, the birth date indicates an estimate based on the individual’s age on another record such as a marriage or death record either for themselves or one of their children. For individuals with nothing in their box it indicates that I do not yet have any birth, marriage or death records for that person– in these cases I know their names only because of either their children’s or grandchildren’s records.

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Ancestors of Jose Luis Fernandez Ybanez