Fernandez Family of Mexico

I’ve decided for the time being to separate out my blog posts by my maternal and paternal line. If you are interested only in the Fernandez family, this is the section to read.

I have temporarily set aside my research on the Fernandez family due to hitting the proverbial brick wall in my research. I conducted research on the Fernandez family from the spring of 2013 to the end of 2015. My research included an exhaustive page by page search browsing images of the Catholic church records for San Miguel Arcangel in San Miguel del Mezquital, the ancestral church of the Fernandez family, on Family Search, as well as using the indexed civil Mexican records on Ancestry.

Occasionally I will check to see if more records have become available for San Miguel Arcangel, as well as checking the search engines on Family Search and Ancestry just to see if the search algorithm has been changed at all to yield anything new. This year (2016) I found a few additional records which expanded the family, but did not extend the line farther back in history.